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TWINX512-3200C2 512MB 2 x CMX256A - Where to RA - How to RA [AU]


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I have a set of the Corsair TWINX512-3200C2 512MB (2 x CMX256A)

and when i installed them in a Shuttle SN45G The system wouldn't boot. I switched the sim's around and then tried 1 after the other. After various attempts, I noticed that 1 of the 2 sticks was died.


In total I tried the ram in 3 different systems with the same results.


The XPC has a 3200+ (400FSB) / 120G IBM IDE HDD / Pioneer109D/ Shuttle Stock PSU 200W and is running with Generic PC3200 RAM.


I also tried the Corsair in a XPC SB61Gv3 Setup 2.8D / 120G WD SATA / Pioneer 109D / Silent X XPC PSU. same result 1stick died.


Socket A desktop tower. GA-N400Pro / 2800+ (333FSB) / 120G WD IDE / Thermal take Butterfly 480W / Thermal Take Soprano tower / Pioneer 110.


I'm from Sydney / Australia and i would like to know how to claim Warranty.

The ram sticks are around 18months old and i believe they have the life time warrantee.


Also am i sending both sticks, working stick along with the died one? or just 1?


thank you for your help in advance.

kind regards.


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