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DDR400 C3 in ASUS A7N266-VM


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According to the Corsair memory selector, VS1GBKIT400 should work with this motherboard. Following installation I got black screen no post and a continuous beeping. Replacing the old ram & Del to enter the bios I find it accepts either C2 or C2.5 ram at 200 or 266 MHz. However the ram I obtained is DDR400C3. I understand that the speed should not be an issue as it is backward compatible to slower speeds, the correct CAS speed being my concern.


I had a look at ASUS web site and support for this board is non existant, but have obtained a manual


My question is should this ram work or should I RMA for a replacement and if so, which one do I specify? VS1GBKIT400C2.5 looks like a possibility.


Thanks in advance



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