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Crashing PC.. Need Advice


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Gary, the best thing to do first is to test the modules. Download the test from http://www.memtest86.com and make a test disk (CD or floppy). In your bios, set the memory to run at SPD (look at manual under chipset or advanced chipset options) and set the memory voltage to 2.7v.


Then, test each module individually for 3-5 passes each. Post your results here. Also, you have different RAM but, here is a really good troubleshooting guide for your MOBO:




Good luck, Mike.

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Hello. Should This Work With My Mobo: VS512MB400C3?

I put this Ram Kit In My Mobo And It Continually Crashes. I Have Limited PC Knowlege And Don't Know Where To Turn For Sound Advice. Thanks In Advance For Your Help!


Unfortunately, the crashes are caused by asynchronous memory operation with your 166MHz FSB processor. The BIOS (set to autodetect the memory's SPD) will try to run that memory at 200MHz. Try manually setting the memory clockspeed in the BIOS to 166MHz (or DDR333).


On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with manual memory settings, you're better off using PC2700 memory instead of PC3200.

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