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Adding RAM


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I currently have twinx1024-3700 and I was wanting to go to 3 gigs of memory. I noticed that corsair doesn't make this memory anymore. Is there a reason why? I would like to add twinx2048-4000 in hopes of reaching a compatible and working system at a 3 gig level is this possible?:confused:


Thanks for the help.


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On your overclocked 2.4c are you using the stock cooling fan? Also at what core voltage are you using to achieve the 3.3ghz speed?:confused:



mtinc :biggrin:

I am using a Zalman 7000 ALcu. My Vcore is 1.55v. I have run it as high as 1.575v and 1.6v but, the gains are so small over 1.55v that I leave it at 1.55v and 275FSB. I could push it more I think but, that CPU is in my wifes primary DV editing machine so stability is more important than a few more mhz.



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