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2*512 TwinX XL PRO 3200 defectives?


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I think my computer is unstable : Indeed, he often reboots while playing 3D games. and the SuperPi 32M test doesn't work. I made a test of my modules (200 MHz, 1.75Volt, 2-2-2-5)with mem tests which detected several failures But there's no error when i test each modiule individually.I also thought it might be a defective mother board.So, I tested the modules on my former computer (166MHz ,2-2-2-5) and mem test still detects errors. i Suppose the modules to be defective. What can I do?




My configuration :

MSI K8N Néo4 Platinium

Opteron 144 s939

2*512 TwinX PC3200 XL PRO

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