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Bad one stick of a pair


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Hi guy,


well, I got a TwinX-1024- 3200LL (a pair of 512mb modules each). The problem is they won't make my pc boot. I tried all of the 4 slot on my mb, I tried with another pc, and they doesn't work. But not the 2 of them, just one, as if I put just one module it works, with the other one no. I tried with another pair of Corsair modules (TwinX-512-3200LLPT) and it works correctly. So I should return the bad module but I'm asking you if I have to send you both of them or just the bad one. I think it would be better if I send you both of them as they are TwinX... anyway, just tell me. In the meanwhile I'll buy a TwinX-2048- 3200C2.... as I still believe Corsair's memories are the best.

Please let me know asap.


Best regards


Alessandro Vilardi

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Hi, I just have seen the tracking of my RAM and it says they're arrived. As I did not receive any response from Mrs. Georgette Robinson, I would like to know if everything is ok, and when you plan to send me the replace. Please, don't tell me to call as I live in Italy and I dont' speak english very well.

Thank you

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