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TWINX1024-3200C2PT not working properly


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I've been having this issue for months now but have been too lazy to do anyhting about it.


My system randomly restarts and i frequently get the blue screen of death whenever i am playing games, (world of warcraft). Before I was using Corsairs Valueram and never experienced any problems until I switched to this XMS.


So I ran memtest as you suggested for a full hour and 15 minutes. Got 12 errors total. I have an athlon 64 3400+ on an Asus K8V SE Deluxe.


memtest said my settings were: Ram: 200 mhz (ddr400) cas 2.5-3-3-8, single channel. now i don't know why it would say i am running on single channel because i ahve my ram in dimm slots 1 and 3 as the book says for dual channel.


Luckily my roommate has 512 of XMS the same ram (2x256) and i swapped out mine for his and did what i usually do without any problems, i also went back and tried by value ram as well and that was fine. rma this or do you have a solution to my problems ram guy?



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Ok so here are the configs, i've left them stock but maybe i need to change some i guess.


CPU Config:


Hypertransport Config:


HT Freq. : 800mhz

HT Data Width Upstream: 16 bit

HT Data Width Downstream: 16 bit


Memory Config:


Memclock Mode: Auto

BankInterleaving: Auto

TWR: Auto

DDR Clock Delay: Auto

2T Command: Auto


ECC Config:


DRAM ECC Enable: Enabled

MCA DRAM ECC Logging: Disabled

ECC Chip Kill: Disabled

DRAM Scrub Redirect: Disabled

Dram BG Scrub: Disabled

L2 Cache BG Scrub: Disabled

Data Cache BG Scrub: Disabled


(Things thats I cannot change)


Mem CLK: 200Mhz

Cas Latency: 2.5

Ras/Cas delay: 3clk

Min Active Ras: 8clk

Row Precharge: 3clk

Ras/Ras delay: 2clk

row refresh cycle: 13clk

read/write delay: 3 clk

read premable: 5.5 ns

asynchronous latency: 7ns

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Okay so I disabled the ECC and ran teh system. It was going very well at first, I was able to play 3 hours straight of World of Warcraft (don't laugh) and I could never do that before. But then it crashed again.


You metioned to put the voltage at 2.7 for the DDR. is that the factory setting? I thought stock it was supposed to be 2.6. I don't want to void my warrenty or anything by doing that so please advise.


Also one more question, I think I'll add an extra stick of the same ram but 256 instead of 512. What slots should I put them in? 2 512's and 1 256. All are the same ram, 3200C2PT XMS 3200. I want to run the 2 512s at dual and have the extra 256 for kicks. Thanks Ram Guy. So far so good!

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