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AV8 BSOD Twinx 3200XL Pro


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Hoping you can help me.


I have built this machine.


AMD 64 3800

ABIT AV8 3rd eye

Corsair Twinx 3200XL Pro 1GB

Enermax 535W PSU

AGP Gainward FX5900 Ultra Golden Sample connected to 1 monitor

PCI PNY FX5500 connected to 2 monitors


The machine runs windows ok and passes memtest. It was built to run Flight Simulator but anything from 15 mins to 3 hrs after starting I get the BSOD with the message Machine Check Exception.


I read on the internet that this error is most often caused by memory incompatibility so I'm here to ask what you think.


What have I tried?

Well it passes memtest.

I upped the voltage on the dramm to 2.7.

I changed the dram command rate to 1T.

I tried turning it down to 333mhz.


None of this worked.


The only other thing worthy of mention is that the computer will not boot with the memory in slots 1+2 but only works in slots 3+4.


Is this a memory setting problem or does it sound like the MB?

Is it worth trying just one stick of the memory to see if that stops the crashing?





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I was running BIOS ver 2.4. So I updated to 2.6. Cleared CMOS.


Now the computer will not boot at all, even to the BIOS.


The only way I can get any sort of boot is with one memory chip in slot 3, so I set up the BIOS, but as it starts windows I get a BSOD (protecting your hardware) and restart.


And around it goes.


Is my MB screwed?



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I would now suggest testing each memory stick individually with the test from http://www.memtest86.com for 3-5 passes per stick. If they pass, then the problem is not the memory. If they show errors, it could still be a configuration issue or a failing memory module.


I help out at the ABIT Forums a good bit too. You may want to search some there to see if others have resolved similiar issues.





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