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Ram error in dual channel mode

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I just switched to corsair and I got a ram error after a few days. I've gotten the same error agian a few times, it's a stop error that shuts windows down. It says to run a diagnostic and "check for fauty or mismatched memory". its: "STOP: 0x0000007F (0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)" It always happened after playing DVDs and closing the program (WinDVD5).


I've run memtest86 and here's the results:


Test6, pass 25, failing address: 0003dcdc5f4 - 988.7Mb, good fffffff7, bad fff7fff7, errbits 00080000 count 1, bad ram= 0x3dcdc5f4, 0xfffffffc. (I didn't check which ram was in which slot, I think it was stick 1-slot2, stick2-slot4 -it was dual channel)


I ran test 6 (32 or more passes) on stick 1 & 2 in slot 1 individually and found no error. Stick 1 in slots 2 & 3 individually as well (35 or more passes) with no error.


I ran Stick2-slot1, stick1-slot3 (dual channel), Test6 (37 passes), got an error on pass 3; failing address: 0003dcdc5fc - 988.7mb, good fffffff7, bad fff7fff7, errbits 000800, count 3, chan 1


Stick 2-slot1, stick1-slot2 (no DC), test 6, 44 passes with no error. Stick2-slot3, stick1-slot4 (no DC), tst 6, 132 passes, no error.


I know nothing about overclocking, I read enough to know what my ram timings were and how to change them. They were auto set at 3-3-3-8. When I bought them at newegg they said they ran at 2-3-3-6, so after the first memtest I set them to 2-3-3-6 in hopes that timing caused the errors.


The error only happens in dual channel mode, I paid for DC because it's faster. I'm a video editor and I can't have errors suddenly shutting down my computer. Please help.

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Thanks for the help.


I upped the voltage to 2.8 (it was at like 2.6). Put stick 1-slot1, stick2-slot3 (DC) ran test 6 of memtest. Pass 21 found the same error as before. under "count" there was a 4 to the left and a 1 to the right. Is that 41 or 4 errors, and 1 under channel? I ran 44 passes. I've only been running test 6 cause thats the one that keeps detecting errors, it always comes up clean on the other tests.


My mobo is supposed to run up to 4gb dual channel @ pc3200... I only get errors in dual channel, not if they're just single channel. Is it settings or the RAM? I upgraded my BIOS, hopefully that helps...


Does dual channel have any real advantages over single channel? I was planning on getting another 2X512 so I'd have 2Gb Ram, but that would make it run dual channel because all the ram would be the same, so I'd be stuck again.


Test 6, pass 0 found the same error again... after changing to 2.8v and updating my bios. I forgot to clear the CMOS, just did it & changed settings/timings back. now I'm running test 6 again. It found the same error 2 times on pass 4... arg! Voltage & BIOS updates didn't help.

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Thanks, I put in an RMA for the RAM.


I finally downloaded 3dmark05 and tested my system. My comp typically ran at 3fps on the game demos and I got a score of 690.


Not 6,900. 690. I think there is definitely something wrong with my system... that thing should be more like 6,900.... I think. All my hardware seems to be capable of much higher speeds, maybe its settings somewhere holding the whole system back? I'm really not super knowledgeble about building systems, I can do a basic job, but if something goes wrong I'm lost... Any idea of what to check for? None of my friends are into overclocking or any sort of optimization, just basic stuff like me... is there another good forum or section of the corsair forum I could go to to get help with this?


I'm gonna buy a 7,2000rpm sata 150 for my system drive, and continue using my ata 7200rpm 300gb for video, but hook it up to the ata-sata adaptor that came with my mobo to hopefully achieve slightly higher speeds... hoping and praying...

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