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Replacement DIMM is bad!


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I have received the replacement you sent me for my bad stick of CMX512-3200C2 and guess what? It's bad. It has failed both Windows memory test and your beloved Memtest. Once again, it has failed in the same slot that my other DIMM passes in. I received this stick at noon today and have spent hours confirming this. Testing both DIMMS in both slots, my good DIMM always passes, the replacement always fails.


It took less than 10 minutes of testing to find a bad memory address. I have repeated the test many times and it always fails at the same address. One would think that under these circumstances you would test your DIMMs before sending them out, but it looks like 10 minutes of testing is too much QC time for you to spend.


To say I am disappointed is an understatement. It took two weeks of posting, testing, shipping, and waiting to get this DIMM and it is no good. Oh, and let's not forget the money to package, insure and ship the DIMM to you.


Do not, repeat DO NOT, try to convince me that there is some other problem with my system. It won't wash. I am a computer support technician by profession, and I have been very thorough with this DIMM since I simply did not want to believe I was going to have to go back through all this baloney again.


I would deeply appreciate your quick response and would also hope that you are not going to ask me to pay for shipping again. At this point, I think I deserve a little consideration.

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  • Corsair Employee

First thing, I understand you are not happy and I would not be happy either. So that is not our intent when we ask you questions. However, all of our XMS modules are tested on a MB at their rated settings before they leave and getting two modules displaying this same behaviour would suggest some other issue. And no if you did the last RMA with us directly and we determine the module may be bad we will pay the frieght both ways this time.


1. Did you replace both modules?

2. And what are the bios settings you have set for the memory and CPU? You are testing them one at a time right?

3. If you did not send both modules what is the exact module part# and revsion of each module?

4. And what slots did you test the modules in?

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