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ASUS A8N Premium & BIOS DRAM Settings


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I will be building my first ever system and I am interested in purchasing either the TWINX2048-3200C2 or the TWINX2048-3500LLPRO to be used on the ASUS A8N-SLI Premium motherboard. I may do some slight overclocking down the road (once I get more comfortable), but not right now. My questions are:


1. Since I’m new to building, will either of these products work right “out of the box” without having to adjust the BIOS setting as described in this post.


2. Which one of the DRAM’s is the fastest at stock/default settings?


Thanks in advance for your answers.

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1. The memory "should" run right out of the box if the MOBO interprets the SPD correctly. However, any time you self build you may need to adjust the bios. Adjusting these timings are not difficult and you can get plenty of assistance here if you need it.


2. The PC3500LL is the faster of the 2 types of RAM you listed. It also has a bit more headroom for OCing. If you intend to do any OCing OR if you are building for gaming, I'd suggest the PC3500LL. The PC3200s is very good too.



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