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p4r800-vm instability when adding a 2nd 256 mb pc2700


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I a have a PC with a MB Asus P4R800-VM and 1 DDR 256 MB 333 (2.5) since 2 years (ref of the memory is MDGVD4F3G31LB1CZH VDD8608A8A-6B H0336), working without any problem.

To improve performance I just bought a Corsair VS256MB333, to have 512 MB in total : so same size (256MB) and type (DDR PC2700 latency 2.5) as suggested in the MB manual. I plug it in the 2nd blue (DIMM B1) as first one was in the 1st one (DIMM A1), as requested in the guide. This corsair RAm is mentione on your site as compatible with this MB.

But this did create instability of the system, rebooting alone ...

I removed this new Corsair RAM and the system works fine again (but only 256MB).

What could I do solve the problem and use 512MB ?

Thank you very much for your prompt help. Regards

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Thank you for this reply, ok it is 'not recommended' but in the real live (that is not building a PC from scratch) while adding 1 memory stick to an existing PC ... and following the written requirements of the Motherboard : same size, same type (PC2700 250MB 2.5), buying a 2nd 256 RAM stick labeled '100% compatible certified" of a brand (Corsair not a noname), I would have expect that it works.... Is there reallly no possibility to make those 2 sticks works together ? Are their really incompatible (whatever slots pair I will use : 2 blue, 2 blacks, in whatever order) ? Do I have to make additional tests (memtest, cpuz ...?)

If not do I have to throw away my old 256 MB and

buy 2 Corsair VS256MB333,

or is it better to buy a Corsair VS512MB333 ?...

Is it 100% sure that with such a fully Corsaire config (more expensive for me), it will works fine for sure (no system reboot ...) ?

Thank for your reply. Best Regards.

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