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TWINX1024-3200C2PRO question


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Mixing/matching is an even bigger factor when using dual-channel.


You'd need to look at the part number (I.E. CMX1024-3200C2) and the revision (I.E. Rev 4.1) for the best compatibility.


However, the easiest solution is to run a TwinX pack as they're already matched for you. Running pairs of pairs, on the other hand, isn't highly reccommended.


For most systems, especially AMD 64 systems, 2 modules is the best number.




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That CPU might over clock but from what I have seen they will normally top out between 225-255 Mhz depending on the specific core you have.

I would suggest Twinx2048-3500LLPro as the first choice and Twinx2048-4000 as the second choice.

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