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1 stick of defective memory


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I purchased 2 vs1gb400c3 modules, and for over 4 months all worked well.


One of the modules went bad causing my machine to crash in the middle of startup.


I confirmed that the module was bad by removing one module and it worked fine, then removing it and replacing with the other module and the system crashes.


So, I need to start the process of the RMA because the retailer (Fry's) is 3 hours away from my house.


I just need you to give me advise how to fix it, or to confirm that the memory module is in fact bad.. which is what it sounds like to me.





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This post was not intended for anyone but the manufacturer of the memory, as there needs to be a replacement under the existing warranty, and according to their rules, I have to post here 1st.


Regarding your :"1. Don't bump a post within 24 hours."


I did not post a 2nd time to "Bump the post". I was just asking a question if I had provided everything. I was expecting someone from the actual company to respond not you. In reality, I would expect the manufacturer to look at the lower messages on the board 1st, as they were the 1st to arrive.


Regarding : "2. Posters can post whenever and to whomever they want."


I really think this is reflects poorly on the company. People like you who provide no usefull information but to reprimand someone asking a question really makes the company look bad because they allow you to do so.

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I'm not reprimanding you, just explaining how it works. For instance, unless I had stated it, you may not have known that an official response wouldn't have been posted until tomorrow. #2 was in response to you asking about others getting responses to their posts.
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