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ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe ?'s


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I have found so much information here that I'm overwhelmed!:sunglasse

From my specs you can see I have 2 Corsair sticks now. I would like to go to 2048, still using only 2 modules. I have read some posts regarding the latency numbers, and what they mean as far as BIOS settings.


My question regards something called "jumper free mode" (which I see mentioned whenever I check BIOS settings) and whether it prevents me from setting the 4 numbers, in my BIOS, as well as voltages? I am just taking "baby steps" into this area and appreciate you putting up with a relative newbie :roll: .


I plan on purchasing the twinx20483200c2 kit and replacing the 2x512's and want to be sure I'm doing it correctly.


My main focus is MS Flightsim 2004...and all the work it requires of my system. I have addon after addon (scenery, textures, "mesh" etc.) and this 2 year old Alienware is starting to balk...just a tad. I'm thinking the upgrade to 2gb RAM (XMS) will help a bunch. But I also think it's time to take these BIOS settings (voltage, CAS, etc.) "in hand", so to speak.


Any guidance is much drooled over (aren't you tired of hearing "AHIGA"??) :p:


Thanks, gang.




PS. I tried http://compatible.corsairmemory.com/. It apparently is not updated for Alienware? It was way off base.

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Thanks RamGuy.


Found the correct timings and BIOS settings (although I can't find "SDRAM Bank Interleave: 4 Bank" anywhere ??).


The 2 modules I removed are "CMX512-3200LL"s and now I'm wondering if they can still be put back in along with the Twinx20483200C2 I've installed (for a total of 3gb)? The C2's are in the A slots...can the 512's be put in the "B" slots? I imagine I would leave the timings as is for the C2's (2-3-3-6) and not use the LL timings (2-3-2-6)?



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:thinking: UMmm...which setting are you referring to RamGuy?? :dunno:


"SDRAM Bank Interleave: 4 Bank" or

"2-3-3-6" <--- seems to be working fine? or

"LL timings (2-3-2-6)" or

the whole "3 gb RAM" idea using the CMX512-3200LL's AND the

twinx20483200c2 ?

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Thanks man.


I also see where you don't recommend "mixing" RAM (as in my 3gb idea). Rather than take a chance I will probably put the 512 modules in my old machine. It already has 1gb of RAM...but it's old "mixed" 512's...not the good Corsair stuff!


You guys are great...thanks for all the help.

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