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Bad CMX512-3200C2Pro Module


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I have a bad CMX512-3200C2Pro module. I purchased a pair of these back in July and recently have been experiencing random lockups and reboots. I pulled one of the sticks out and ran a single stick in both ram slot 1 and slot 2 for a few days without issues. I swapped the stick with the other one and promptly had a no-post upon bootup. I reset the dimm thinking maybe it was loose and this time it did boot only to randomly reboot (at the desktop, not even running an applications). I stuck with this stick for another day, moved it to the other dimm slot but still had the same reboot/lockup issues. I then swapped the bad stick with the other stick and have been running for almost a week with no issues.


What else do I need to do or can I get an RMA on my bad ram?


Thank you!

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