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Bad Ram


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I recently used my corsair xms 512 to help boot a friends PC since he had no ram at the time and I had another to spare... however when I went back and reinstalled the ram in my PC the system couldnt start up, and then I smelled something burning and quickly flipped off the PC.. so I nosed around and found that the ram I just put back in (which was installed back in correctly) was burning hot.. So i let it cool for a minute and then removed it from my mobo, there is definetly 1 fried panel on the ram and as for my mobo.. it wont boot anymore with any ram.. since its a MSI mobo i used the usb plug in tester and it shows the system cant boot past the memory side of the board.. SO now I have a bad mobo and a burnt up stick of RAM.. what should I do?
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