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Bad Valueram module..


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I have a Shuttle barebone with an P4 3.2 (200*16), and 875P chipset, and I was running 2 512Mb pc3200 valueram modules in dual channel (1:1).. The system is in the office of my dad's company and runs as desktop/server so it's built with stability in mind, it has never been overclocked or ran above spd voltages..


Since a week or two the system became unstable at given moments.. But yesterday I weren't able to acces windows.. So after some backuping of the hd I still weren't able to run windows.


So I underclocked the system, same result..


Then I replaced the memory with some BH-5 that was lying around and the system worked perfectly again:biggrin:


After testing the Valueram modules individually I found out that 1 was causing the problem..


They had always been running @ 2.5v, 2.5 7-3-3 I changed back to spd settings ( 2.5 8-3-3), but the one stick kept generating a lot of errors in memtest86..


So I'm quite sure the one stick is broken..





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