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Bad Moule CMX512-4400C25 TwinX


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have a bad module. Sytem crashes within 10min to 3h, in xp or in games.

i have set the fsb from memory from 200mhz to 166mhz to 133mhz and the timing from 2.5 4 4 4 8 1T to 3 5 5 5 10 2T noting helps. now i have get 2 new modules and the system work perfectly. The old motules have i tested i an other system MSI board KMasterDual or so (2x Athlon MP) and i was not abel to install windows the system hangs and says the bad file. i tested some more and the file i always a other thats bad. with my old modules there is no problem and the system is primestabile.... but i cant go to my reseller i have lost my billing. would get warranty directly from corsair where can i found the postID...



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