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What speed is this USB drive?


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Hi all,


I am looking at this Corsair Flash Drive at dabs but I cannot find this particular product on the Corsair website.


I wanted to know what speeds this one does, as the very similar Corsair Voyager USB drives say they:

- Supports sustained read spead of 19MB/sec

- Supports sustained write speed of 13MB/sec


If anyone could please enlighten me to what speeds they do do it would be much appreciated. :):


Also, if there is a better place you think I should buy them or the Voyagers from (UK), it would be very helpful if you could suggest it too. I have been tasked with sourcing a fair quanitity for my school. :sunglasse

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The small form factor drives from Corsair do not meet the same specs as the Flash Voyager drive. The CMFUSBSF2.0-128/256 drives will have a read/write performance of 10/3.5. They are not meant to be fast, but small. The small size limits the drives to single channel performance.
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