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is black and platinum the only difference?


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I have one stick of CMX512-PC2700C2 running well in an ASUS P4PE. I'd like to purchase and add a stick of CMX512-PC2700CPT2. Is the only difference between CMX512-PC2700C2 and CMX512-PC2700CPT2 the color of the heat spreader? Can I reasonably expect the two to run together?


As an aside, if anyone wants to sell either CMX512-PC2700C2 or CMX512-PC2700CPT2, let me know.





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Welcome to the forums, jyoungkin!


It would depend. If both were the same revision and had the same IC's / PCB, then the only difference would be the color.


However, as the revisions change, often the PCB is updated or IC's change due to availability.


You cannot, therefore, expect them to run together, hence the use of TwinX matched pairs.


You could probably expect them to run together in single channel mode with slightly relaxed latencies.




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Thanks for the welcome. How could I tell what ICs and PCBs a given module has? Can that be determined by knowing the revision number alone or is there more to it?


I have a single channel memory controller. The P4PE is about three years old.

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