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1GB Corsair SD card stopped working...


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I have a 1GB Corsair SD card that I've been using for several months now. The other day it just died while I was copying an .avi to it. I've tested it in my Sharp Zaurus C1000 PDA, and in a USB card reader (tried hooking that up to 3 different computers). When it's plugged into the card reader the light goes on indicating that it's inserted, but the computer acts as if the card isn't there. Windows XP says "please insert media" or something to that effect. Ubuntu and Debian Linux don't append any lines to the syslog indicating that the card is found (let alone auto-mounting it like they used to.) The Zaurus also doesn't "see" it. All of these used to see the card fine. The contacts on the card look clean, which makes sense seeing as it spent most of the last several months in the Zaurus.


I just tested with another SD card I had sitting around and the computers and the Zaurus still see that one correctly...


Is there some test I haven't thought of that you suggest trying? Also, if I have to RMA it do you have any suggestions on how I should package it (I don't have the original packaging)?



-John X

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Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured. The RMA form wanted a Post ID and I figured I might as well ask if anyone had some kind of magic test to make sure it's really dead. I've never seen an SD card die like this really. Usually they at least make Linux throw a whole bunch of I/O errors. It's like this one was instantly transmuted from an SD card to a little piece of plastic. Ah well, I'm glad it has a lifetime warranty.



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