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512MB 133x SD Card Problem


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I purchased a Corsair 512MB 133x SD card for a Canon A520 camera. The card will not work with the camera. I've tried re-inserting the card, power-cycling the camera, and I've attempd to format the card. When I try to format it, the camera returns the error "memory card read error."


The card will also not work in either of the three USB and/or integrated SD card readers that I have. (The 16 MB Canon brand card that came with the camera works fine in all these scenarios.)


Should I at this point assume the Corsair card I got was defective, or could it be a compatability issue with a 133x card?




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Having a card that will not work in one device may be a compatibility issue. Since the SD card that you have does not work in any of the devices, you should get it replaced. If your place of purchase will not replace it for you Corsair will. You can use your POST ID # and go here.
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