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Help Please, RMA? Value Select 1gb Sticks


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Model Number: VS1GB400C3

Corsair Value Select PC3200 Cas3 Sticks of 1024mb, DDR


I have had these sticks sitting in a server underclocked at 333mhz, and they have been fine. I recently made the jump to a DFI Lanparty Ultra-D and that is where the problems started.


I have been all over DFI-street forums and have been researching and the conclusion is that these sticks just aren't meant to work with the DFI boards, and they said pretty much ANY corsair stick will not work with a DFI NF4 board. This made me very sad as I've always used corsair for everything.



Okay, DFI board is COMPLETELY unstable at pretty much any settings. Flashed to newest bios, still get problems. Memtest86 gives me multiple errors and holes and what not. Random BSOD's.


I then tested the memory in my NF2 SN41 shuttle which I thought would be fine as the DFI board is just finicky. I was wrong. Memtest86 gives me many, many errors. Programs crash, and windows will crash every now and then to a BSOD.


My last effort was to use my brothers linux box who has an Epox 8RGF. Same thing pretty much. Neither of the sticks proved to be stable at their rated speeds, even fater I upped the vdimm and messed with everything.


So 3 different systems and the same symptoms.



I just want to get some ram that will work with my systems. Let me know if any of you reading this has ANY advice on what I should do next. I'm posting on my shuttle and would love to get my DFI based gaming rig up, and even with corsair if I'm lucky.







Guy Brawner

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Just adding more info.


I tried many different bios settings. I relaxed the timings really hard at 3-3-3-7 and even tried slower timings. I tried each bios's stock settings of "optimal, or stock, or agressive" I tried my own tried and true combo's. I upped the vdimm even to 2.9 on some of the boards. These sticks just didn't want to run at 200mhz!!! :mad:


Ask me if you need any more info.

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