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Max RAM for Compaq Presario 5700T?


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Hi, I have a Compaq Presario 5700T PIII 600mhz that came with one 168-pin 128 mb SD100 stick. The motherboard had two other memory slots, and they've been filled them with two more 128 mb sticks giving a total of 384 mb of RAM. The OS in WIN 98 v.2.


Checked the RAM GUY calulator which only lists 128 mb sticks as an option for this PC. Is that really correct, or could one install three 256 mb sticks to double the current memory? (Corsair does sell 256 mb SD100 sticks.)


Or can one even install 133s in 100 slots? A couple of 512s would sure do the trick ;)


Don't have the $ to replace the system at this time, but I'd really like to increase the RAM to carry me for another 6 months. Or is the whole idea of adding memory not cost-effective? Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks, retro

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Unfortunately, the maximum memory capacity for your system is only 384MB total. And only modules no larger than 128MB are supported; if you try to put a 256MB module, you may very well end up with only half of the memory being recognized by the 5700T's BIOS.


Besides, your current 384MB of memory on that system is already at the system's maximum memory capacity limit.

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