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ram issues


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I just purchased a set of TWINX1024-3200C2PT from newegg and the damn things won't post when I change the timings to 2-3-3-6 or anything else, they basically only post w/ the default 3-3-3-8. Also when I check them w/ everest, it says that the module name is CMX512-3200C2. Is this the right name for this memory?

It also seems that when I try to OC the FSB past 225 MHz they won't post even when I drop the LTD/FSB multiplier to something low like 3 or 4. My CPU idles @ 20C running @ 2350 MHz & 210 FSB but I feel as though this ram should DEFINETLY go past 225 FSB

My specs are in my sig so any help would be greatly appreciated

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ok i got those setting to work this morning and now i'm messing around w/ increasing the bus speed to max my mhz. I'm also trying to use some dividers but when I use the dividers my ram registers slower, like PC2700 instead of PC3200...not sure if that is a good thing to max the CPU's power.


Any Suggestions on using the dividers?



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