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Bad Memory


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A few months ago I purchased two separate 1 gig DDR2 (533) PC-4200 Corsair (VS1GB533D2) memory modules.


My PC was locking up frequently. I removed one of the 1gig modules and everything was fine (no lockups). I then removed the good module and placed the other 1 gig module in the PC, and the PC began locking up again (mouse and keyboard frozen, requiring hard reset button reboot).


I cannot even run memtest with the bad module as the PC will lock up before I can even run it with the bad module. (Edit: Note, my system is NOT overclocked......running stock).


May I start a warranty return?






System Specs:


- Motherboard: Asus P5WD2 Premium Motherboard

- CPU: Intel LGA 775 3.0Ghz

- Memory: Two 1 gig DDR2 (533) PC-4200 Corsair (VS1GB533D2) modules

- Video Card: PowerColor X600XT (ATI Radeon)

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