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Please help before the hair comes out!!


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Hi folks,


I hope one of you guys may be able to help me.


I'm building a computer for a customer that has:


MS-7025 (MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum) Motherboard

AMD Athlon 64 3500+

2 x 1GB Corsair Valueselect (VS1GB400C3) Ram

200GB Sata

Xp Home

Radeon 9250 Graphics.


Everything works fine apart from the odd lockup. I went straight to Simtester and kept getting "M6103: MATH" Divide by Zero errors. I've checked both modules seperately and they test fine. Put them together and the error returns.


I'm currently running the chips in DIMM1 (Green) and DIMM2 (Purple), which is suggested for double sided chips of the DDR400 variety. I have also tried the chips in DIMM1 (Green) and DIMM3 (Green) with the same results.


According to the Corsair configuration, these chips are compatible with this board!


I don't know what to try next - any ideas?


Thanks guys!!



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Done as you said and everything seems OK. I changed the board voltage to 2.60v and tested the chips seperately and together and they passed multiple tests.


I've even done an hour of digital video editing this afternoon and not so much as a hiccup! I've got some analogue to do tomorrow so I'll see how it goes.


I have to admit that in several years of building PCs I have never had to change the board voltage for memory - is this a common problem with these particular components or is this something I should be more aware of?


I'll let you know how the rest of the tests go!


many, many thanks,




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In some cases, a tiny bit of voltage does wonders. Sometimes the MOBO is not supplying quite what it says in bios or, the type of ICs on the memory my like a bit more juice. Good thing it was an easy fix. What editing software are you using? We do DV with AVID, just curious.



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Hi there,


This machine is only a basic video one and the customer didn't want to upgrade their sofware so I'm sorry to say that it still runs Adobe Premiere 6.0. The customer makes wedding videos and really wants a cheap and cheerful DVD creation machine but didn't want to pay a load of cash for Premiere Pro or Adobe Encore.


I would have shoved the customer down the Premiere Elements 2.0 route but they still use a lot of analogue footage - which obviously introduces another step into DVD creation process. They also use an old Pinnacle DV500 capture card and there isn't any data available about compatibility with PE2.0.


They have been using a combination of Premiere 6.0 and Ulead DVD Workshop for a year now and are happy with it except for system stability issues (hence why they want new hardware - hence the memory problems) - the phone hasn't rung yet so I hope (fingers crossed!) that everything is OK!!!


I guess you are part of the video industry yourself - what setup have you had success with? I must admit I really like the Matrox X100 setups but the last one I built had to have an old motherboard because they haven't updated their 'compatible motherboard' list for nearly two years - the last time I look there was one Athlon 64 board on it - I e-mailed then and they said they didn't have any plans to update it - I guess then that I should have no plans to sell their X100's if they cannot tell me which new motherboards they will work with - its a shame but there you go!


Have you found the same thing or have you not be lured by Matrox?

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We use a Panasonic DV2000 deck to capture so we don't use a capture card. The system I have had running for about 3 years ( my wife won't let me touch it anymore) is an ASUS P4C800 E-Deluxe, 2.4c at 3.3ghz, Corsair PC4400, Raptor, etc. I built an external storage box for 2 RAID-0 drives as I ran out of room in the case. It has about 800gb of storage and it is rock solid. Thta's why I don't touch it, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Based on my experience with socket 775/925 MOBOs, if I was building a new system today for editing, I'd find the fastest Northwood P4 I could get, and put it into a P4C800 E-D. Our P4C800 E-D + 2.4c Northwood runs circles around anything else I have ever run.


When you ask about Matrox I do use a Matrox G550 for the video as it was on the AVID approved list. However, I have used other video cards, both ATI and Nvidia without issue. They may not want to spend the money but if they have capture card issues they should probably get an editing deck. If nothing else, it saves wear and tear on the cameras.



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