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having issues with XMS-PC3200C2 rev 1.5


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I recently bought 2x512MB Corsair XMS-PC3200C2 (UTT BH-5) rev 1.5 memory modules.


And the strange thing is that when I first time set all mem/cpu settings in bios on auto then computer starts with 2,5-3-3-8 settings...

So, there's a question, why. It should be smth different, no?


These modules work right now in dual @200 MHz @2T @2-2-2-5 @2,8V and it's fine. And I guess @2-3-3-6@2T as well.

But not at 1T.


1. So, I don't understand this. Is it impossible to run these modules @1T @200 MHz in dual at all?


2. Then, another question.

If I want to run these memories @225 MHz (divider 166/200) or smth like that (so far my cpu ran 24/7 @2430 MHz) what timings should I use. I tried 2,5-4-4-8@2T@220 MHz and system crashed. Dual issues?

Btw, can't give more than 2,8V to these modules.


Damn, I just want my system to be stable :sigh!:

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Get the system stable FIRST, then OC :)


Set EVERYTHING back to defaults, then set the memory like so:


Timings for 2 sticks:

CAS Latency (tCL): 2

RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3

Row Precharge (tRP): 3

Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 6

Command Rate: 1T


Memory Voltage: 2.75 Volts

All other settings to defaults.

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well actually my system was rock stable before (I used some crappy AM1 PC3200 mem sticks)...


Anyway, I tested these sticks for a 10 hours with Prime95 and @2-3-3-6@2T@200 MHz@2,65V they are rock stable.


Now, I set to 1T and blue screen...:mad: Not good.


Interesting how high I can OC @2-3-3-6@2T these sticks in dual? 210 MHz would be nice. 220 MHz would be super, because then I can set my CPU @2430 MHz...

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I can't give more than 2,8V


2T is 24/7 stable even @2-2-2-5@200 MHz


What I think is that it really depends on PSU and mobo. And as is known fact that 6600GT needs a good power supply,(but I haven't) everything else suffers...


Yesterday I also tried nforce 5.11 drivers, but of course that's irrelevant...

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I guess it is.

Unfortunately I haven't found a newer bios (01/04/05 currently).


Well, I will test these memory sticks on my friends system. He told me he have tested Corsair before and had those sticks 255 MHz @1T running. Of course those were different sticks and revs.


Damn, anyway. This nf3 mobo is crap after all. Will upgrade next year to PCIx system.

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