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Technically, on your specific MOBO, you can "probably add 2 more DIMMs. All of my ASUS P4C800 series MOBOs will run 4 DIMMs just fine. However, Corsair (and no other memory maker) supports 4 DIMMs on these desktop systems. And, you would need to EXACTLY match the revision and type of the RAM to insure stability. The PC3200LL is no longer made so you probably can't match the RAM, not easily anyways.


The only sure way to get 2gb would be to buy a TwinX 2gb kit. The PC3200C2 is good and if you like low latencies like your current RAM, the PC3500LL would be great.



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In jan 2006 memory module failed. I sent them in and they sent me replacements CMX512-3200XLPT

now I'm getting bluescreen of death and I tested ram modules one at a time one module has errors. I don't overclock so why are these modules failing?

I had to put the modules in slots 2 and 4 in order for them to work. running at 2.85v and 22258 I hate being without a computer while I get replacements what can I do?

And How do I go about buying another gig of these type of ram?

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Cpu Vcore Auto

Ddr Ref. 2.85

Agp Vddq 1.5

Pef Mode Auto

Dram Cas 2

Ras 2

Ras-cas 2

Delay 5

Burst 8

Pef Acc Mode Enabled

Idler Timer Auto

dram Refresh Rate Auto

ich delayed transaction enabled

mps revision 1.4



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Great I think the ram wasen't seated after reinserting the modules correctly (pressure at both ends)it worked.

now I can't seem to find the same memory anyware. XMSCMX512-3200XLPT is it being made ?

how can I add 1g if I can't find the same memory? or would it be better to buy 2g modules?

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  • Corsair Employee

We are at the mercy of IC makers as to what available, and Samsung Ended production of the IC wee used to make the XMS3200XL modules after almost 2 years and the same is true of Winbond which was the IC we used to make XMS3200LL which was in production for more than three years. And in our warranty policy will we will repair or replace with the same or faster speed grade of modules as you send in for RMA, so since the XMS3200LL was long since out of production XMS3200XL was send in exchange.

Now if you just RMA’d one module and not the pair I am sorry but you should get matched sets replaced as sets. You can call our customer service and see if there is any thing they can do to help you if you like 888-222-4346 and see what they say

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