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Advice on timings for XMS3700PT @DDR400


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Hi there,


I've been given 2x512 of XMS3700 by a friend :biggrin:


Unfortunately I am unable to take advantage of the 467 bus :[pouts:


So i'm looking for some advice on what timings & voltage i'm likely to get away with @ DDR400


Full specs of memory as follows :-


(Part No.) CMX512-3700PT (Version No.) v1.1 (Lot No.) 0412020-1


Thanks in advance for any info :sunglasse

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In the past, that memory would not allow much,if any, drop in latencies even with a 200mhz bus speed. The ICs simply don't like to run less than CAS3. I have heard of "some" users claiming 2.5,3,3,7 but most have said less than CAS3 was not stable. If you try these timings, I'd suggest setting the RAM voltage up to about 2.7v - 2.9v.



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Thanks Mike,


I did play around a bit, but couldn't get them very stable @ anything but default timings :[pouts:


Just have to stick the FSB up a bit, lower the multiplier & try things out that way, oh well, thanks again :sunglasse

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