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memory timing setting with TwinX1024-3200C2Pro


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Does any know what setting I need to change in the Bios for memory timing for the best performance? I have on Asus a8n-sli deluxe MB with TwinX1024-3200C2Pro. Corsair website said that I can set the timing to 2.5-3-3-6 with 2.7v. I don't know which number I need to change in the bios since they are more items with similar number on them. I assumed CAS# latency is the 2.5, but need to know where the other 3 setting should be. Here is what the setting is in the bios. Thanks...


CAS# latency (TCL) = 3

Min RAS# active time (tras) = 8T

RAS# to CAS# delay (Tred) = 3T

Row precharge Time (TRP) = 3T

Row cycle Time (TRC) = 11T

Row refresh cyc time (TRFC) = 14T

Read to write time (Trwt) = 5T

Write recovery time (Twr) = 3T

1t/2t memory timing = 2T

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The settings should be manually set to these values:


CAS# latency (TCL) = 2

Min RAS# active time (tras) = 6T

RAS# to CAS# delay (Tred) = 3T

Row precharge Time (TRP) = 3T

Row cycle Time (TRC) = 9T

Row refresh cyc time (TRFC) = 12T

1t/2t memory timing = 1T

DDR Voltage = 2.70V or 2.75V

All other settings at defaults.


The value for Row Cycle Time (TRC) should always equal the sum of TRAS and TRP, and the value for TRFC should be 2 or 3 cycles higher than the TRC value.


Also, the above values assume that you'll be using only 2 modules (1 kit). If you'll be using 4 modules (2 kits), then you will have to use a 2T memory timing - and you may also have to drop your memory clockspeed to 166MHz.

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Thanks you guys for the response. I have changed the setting to what you have recommended and my system seems very stable. I left CAS Latency to 2.5 instead of 2 since my system is ADM and that's what Corsair suggested.

Will try it at 2.5 for a bit and if not problem, I will bump it down to 2.


Another question, for the other remaining setting when you said leave it at default, do you mean leave the setting at where they currently are set at? I don't see (default) setting when I go in each of them.

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