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Problem with memory - bought just over 1 year ago


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I have a stick of 512MB memory which I bought in September 2004, from Komplette.co.uk. The memory has worked fine, until recently.


The problems appeared a few weeks ago. Every now and then my motherboard would announce that the memory test has failed - yet it proceeds to boot up Windows XP (Win XP) without much fuss.


Today I have trouble booting into Win XP. On the few occasions that I succeeded in getting into WinXP, if at all, within minutes the monitor would go black, as though it had lost signal; either that, or it reboots continously, never getting into windows at all.


I have tried booting up with a spare hard drive which also has Win XP installed. When I encountered the same problem, I realised that it is not a windows issue.


I then tried plugging the stick of memory into different slots on the motherboard, resulting in the same. The only way to not have my motherboard announcing the memory failure was by unplugging the stick of Corsair memory, and using a single stick of my lower spec'd RAM memory. :(:


Here's what the silver sticker says:




XMS3200 512MB 400MHZ CL2


On the card in the packaging:




I hope that someone could help me out with this. Thank you.

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Wired, thanks. Thanks - I'll do that.


You might want to speak to RAM GUY, because I got that warranty@corsair... address on the post where it says "I sent the online form but heard nothing back."


Or may be I just got some chick who's new on the job handling my case... :laughing:

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