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Bummin' about bad VS Dual Channel RAM set

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Ram Guy,


Looks like I've got a bad module in one of my Value Select sets of Dual Channel RAM. :(: I've been running 2 GB of RAM with 2 sets of Dual Channel Value Select VS512MB400 modules. My system has been stable as a rock, but this past week I had crashes that either completely rebooted the machine (and it would hang) or just black out with everything running. Rebooting would get me partially booted and then it would hang. Only after repeated rebooting could I get it to come back up again, but it would crash again after a while. I did analysis of the problem two ways:


1) My Soltek SL-865Pro2-FGR has an LED display on it that shows codes during the boot sequence. The system would hang when the BIOS instructions were to move over and be executed from the RAM.


2) I downloaded the latest MEMTEST program. It immediately identified the bad module. I let it run for a couple of hours while I was doing other stuff. Thousands of errors. I removed one of the sets of RAM and rebooted. Rock solid, and running MEMTEST finds zero errors. Put the set back in and it immediately finds errors. Definitely the RAM and no other part. My system is operating perfectly at the moment with the 1GB in it.


Request and RMA so that I can get my modules replaced, please.:):


Thanks in advance!

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