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Corsair Value Select Memory Problems

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I recently purchased a package of two VS512MB400 and had major stability problems in my computer. I then proceeded to check the ram one at a time, and ran the Linux Memtest, and one of the sticks turned out to have major errors. The other stick was fine.


I am posting here to get a number to put on my RMA form. Thanks in advance!

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What CPU / FSB / Motherboard do you have?


What BIOS settings do you have the memory set to?


The aforementioned really shouldn't matter since one stick works and the other doesn't (these were bought in a Value set from Newegg) but I will tell you anyways.



ASRock P4VM800 Socket 478 VIA P4M800 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard


FSB Settings set to 333



Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 800MHz FSB Socket 478 Processor Model BX80546PG3000E - Retail


Thanks in advance for the timely response. This memory is for a client of mine, and he is eager to get his RMA in the mail.

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