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one of my TWINX1024-3200XL might be bad


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My Setup


AMD Athlon 64 3200+

Asus A8N-E

Corsair 2 x 512-3200XL 2-2-2-5

EVGA Geforce 7800 GT 256 - Sony E540 21" monitor

Seagate SATA 120gig 8meg cache

Audigy 2 ZS plugged into Z-680 Speakers




My TWINX1024-3200XL has 2 sticks of memory and one of them might be going bad.


I noticed my games crashing (not very often though) so I used memtest86 and would get between 900-2000 errors on a single test.

I have a seperate corsair chip thats an older 512mb chip (and it works great with no errors alone) that I put in the computer and then tested each of the TWINX chips with it seperately and found which one of those chips is having errors.

Can I send the chips to you for repair or replacement, or just the one thats having the errors?

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I replied to the last email I received from Corsair and haven't heard anything back yet. Could you check on my case # or leave me a message if I'm just not waiting long enough for a response? I got the email on 12/5 and replied the next day.


Corsair Technical Support has sent you a message regarding Case # 103280

To reply to this message, simply visit BIGLONGSITENAME

Thank You!

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