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Bad memory module


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I have a 1GB TwinX set of CMX-512 - 3200C2PT memory. I have been having crash and reboot issues in the middle of games or if i run 3dmark. Just upgraded my system and purchased an additional 1GB set (same set) and it works fine with no problems at all. If I stick the old set back in, crashes and reboots everytime.


Weird thing is I ran the mem test on the old memory and after 4 passess no errors are reported.


System specs:


Asus A8N-SLI

AMD 3800+ 64bit

2GB TwinX CMX-512 - 3200C2PT

eVGA 7800GTX w/acs

Audigy 2

WD 120GB

Antec 550w True Power II

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