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ASUS SLI MB doesnt like new "identical" ram


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I had 2 sticks of XMS3200 x 512 400Mhz in my Alienware system.

The system is almost 1 year old.

I decided to upgrade to 2 GB's and ordered another 2 sticks of the "identical" memory from Alienware.

I placed the new memory in the open slots and when I tried to start the system got the endless series of beeps indicating a memory problem.

I tried every combination of the ram, and it ran fine as long as I didn't use the 2 previously open slots.

I could get the new ram, the old ram and any combination of the new and old ram to work together as long as I only used 1 GB in the original 2 memory slots.

The only difference on the ram is the LOT number.

Alienware is now sending me 2 replacement sticks for my old ram, insisting that its a compatability issue, but that seems odd since the ram works together under any 1 gb config.

I'm now awaiting the arrival of 2 more new 512mb sticks, but I'm wondering if there might be another issue.

TIA for any help.

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Sounds like Alienware is taking care of you. The memory controller on your fx55, and all A64 version cpu's is very picky about having matching sticks. This means the ic's on each of the sticks have to match and with a years time in between they probably don't match close enough to run four sticks. Version numbers must match. In addition, when running four sticks the command rate must be set to 2T.
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Thanks for the quick replies. I'm hoping the new sticks will work.


As for the exact numbers:


XMS3200 512MB 400MHZ



All that matches from one pair to the next, but one pair has lot number


and the other has one that begins with an 087XXXX-0 but its in my computer so I cant tell.

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Can't be 087XXXX-0, as that'd mean they were made in 2008!


Keep in mind they aren't guaranteed to run @ 2-2-2-5-1T with more than 2 sticks. Try 3-4-4-8-2T and tighten the first 4 from there.


Oh, and the name... oh brother... :)

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