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Less than 1024 megs of ram..


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I just bought a 512 module for my notebook to replace the origonal 256 megs, and have allready added 512 of the same ram into the expansion slot.


Corsair SO-Dimm pc2100(VS512SDS266) x2, for a Toshiba Satalite A10-S167


Both modules are the same, 512 each. Is it normal for both to end up less than 1024 megs of ram?


1007 megs to be exact, using Memtest86+, with no errors found (which is a good thing).


Want the lot numbers for the two chips?

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Ok.. couldnt let it rest...


I checked each module, one at a time, they both came up as 495 megs each instead of 512. Both are diffrent lot numbers, so im going to assume its the notebook being tricky with it. Its Value Select anyway, so im not expecting perfection.


ohh no errors with memtest on either module either so it seems fine..


Edit: one other thing I noticed with memtest


Settings: RAM 132 Mhz (DDR264) / CAS : 2.5-3-3-6


I cant adjust anything in bios on this notebook.. fun fun

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Sorry for the late reply.


Im not getting any errors with Memtest86+, and I think your right. I didnt take into consideration that the video memory is shared, so thats most likely where the missing ram went.



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