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Looking at Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe will it work with my memory


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I am a complete novice when it comes to RAM ! My head is spinning with RAS CAS Latency etc !!!!


My problem is that I have the Abit AN8 Fatility SLI and I have purchased 4 sticks of Corsair cmx512-3200C2Pro the ram will not run at 400 mhz when all the sticks are in and when i just go with the two it will run fine appart from windows crashing all the TIME ! I know this has something to do with the incompatabilty of tha ram and if i input the settings manually it is supposed to work it out.


Now I have been to the corsair website and it states that when you install 4 sticks it will run at 333 mhz.


So what I am intending to do now is order the Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe as it looks like a pretty good MB my friend has the AN8 Deluxe and he has the ram in his machine running at 400 mhz with 4 sticks.


Now finally my question


Will the Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe run 4 sticks of corsair cmx512-3200C2PRO in dual mode at 400 mhz


Sorry for the newbie stuff but what the hey thought i would try and post my prob as my eyes are tired from google.





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Welcome to the forums, fatlenny!


Since the memory controller is in your CPU with a socket 939 system, running four modules at DDR400 is much more dependant on what processor you purchase.


If you're keeping the same CPU, I wouldn't expect the results to change.


You can increase the VDimm (DDR Voltage) to 2.85 volts and see if that helps, sometimes it can be the difference!


What CPU do you have?





p.s. The best option for 2 GB of memory is 2 * 1GB, not 4 * 512MB.

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Thermaltake Armor

Abit AN8 Fatility SLI

2 GB Corsair TwinX 3200C2PRO

AMD 4000+

HIS 1800 XL 256 mb Graphics card

Hiper Type R 580 Watt PSU

2 X Raptors 76 GB drives Raided (boot)

1 X Diamond Max 10 280 GB drive (storage)

On Board sound

Water cooling by Cooler master for the CPU (Running at 30c)

WINXP Pro Service pack 2


Nothing clocked


(work in progress)


Thanks for your time !!



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I see that you have a San Diego-core CPU, so it hopefully will allow you to run four sticks at 400 MHz. It will NOT allow you run at a 1T command rate. If you have four sticks, you'll be limited to 2T even if you do get it running at 400.


Good luck with the A8N-SLI Premium, but the motherboard you have is a pretty good one. I'm not sure that switching is going to solve this problem.


I had a pair of TwinX 3200XLPT DIMMs in the A8N-SLI Premium. They would run Memtest86 overnight without a problem, but XP continued to crash frequently until I took them out and replaced them with an inexpensive Corsair ValueSelect stick. The point is that these AMD CPUs and their SLI motherboards can occasionally be difficult to match up with low-latency RAM.



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My friend has the an8-deluxe and is running the corsair ram 4 x 512 at 400 mhz.


As this is basically the same board just the older version one would think that it should run the ram as well.


Dunno will have to wait and see.


I have always been an Abit fan but this board has a few issues that im not happy with



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  • Corsair Employees

There is a limitation with the Athlon 64 which causes the memory controller which is built on to the CPU to run memory at DDR333 when more than 2 banks are filled. This is a limitation on the processor itself and not the memory. The basic steps you can take to attempt to get past this are as follows:


1. Upgrade to the latest BIOS available for your motherboard which can be found at the website of your mainboard company.


2. Set the Memory Frequency to DDR400 manually while setting the command rate of the memory (found in memory configuration) to "2T".


3. Make sure the memory voltage is set to at least 2.8 when running 4 modules.


These steps are merely work around and are not guaranteed. I apologize for the inconvenience, please let us know how you make out.

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well this is a great forum, Im glad ive found this !!


I have updated to the latest MB bios dated 17/11


and i have tried to set the ram manually and changed it to 2T.


Dont really know what to do next.


I have ordered the ASUS an832 sli premium and Im waiting for the stock to come in so i will carry on trying to get it to run to see if i can save some hasstle of rebuilding my pc again. The thought of setting up the water cooling again fills me with distain !!




Got some old Twinmos 3200 in there at the mo and they can run at 400 mhz

but i want to utilize the quality of the corsair ram


My friend has 4 sticks of the said corsair ram running on his an8 sli deluxe so im hoping that all will be well when the new mb arrives


ssshhhhhhhh dont tell the missus ive spent more money !!





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That seems a tad high for the default voltage.


Assuming that these DIMMs have the correct SPD info, mine should have been 2-2-2-5, 1T, but the BIOS defaults were 2.5-3-3-6 at 2T. I don't know if the problem was in the DIMM or the BIOS, but my point is that the BIOS defaults are frequently at variance with the fastest rated timings and the voltage that Corsair recommends. If the default is 2.85, it sounds as though your BIOS is probably misreading the setting. It shouldn't hurt anything, but I think you'd expect it to start lower than that.



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well ron


I checked the voltage on the bios and itwas reading 2.65 and when I checked the voltage on the bios monitoring page it was 2.85. Now I have lowered the voltage to 2.5, which gives me 2.75 on the bios monitoring page also when windows loads using the abit EQ it also gives me a reading of 2.75.


For the first time I have been able to run the ram 2 GB on windows running at 333 hz. I have come to the conclusion that I cant run it at 400 hz but at least now I can play battlefield :)


Next week I am recieving an ASUS AN832-SLI so i will post a reply here if the ram runs at 400 hz !!!


Thanks for all your help Guys


Got me out of a tight spot and I have learnt some stuuf to which is always cool :)



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