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NF7 with 1 x 1GB PC4000 & 2 x 512MB PC4000?


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Morning Chaps,


I'm currently running two 512MB PC4000 Cosair XMS modules on my NF7-S Rev 2 in slots 2 and 3 (dual channel). It's clocking 175Mhz with SPD timings and it's very stable. But I fancy an upgrade to 2GB.


Do you reckon that if I put the 512MB modules into slots 1 + 2 (bank one) and get a 1GB PC4000 for slot 3 (bank two) I can continue the dual channel goodness with full stability?


I'll do some testing with both 512's in 1 + 2, thereby loading a single memory channel with both DIMMs, to see if the memory controller is up to the load.


Thnks for your help!

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