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Abit IC7-G and VS1GB400C3


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I bought recently two 1GB sticks of Corsair memory. I'm having some problems:

- other stick doesn't wanna work in Abit. Running Memtest86 v3.2, i get a lot of errors (~1 million in 1 pass) in most tests and the errors seem to be around 525-575MB.

- other stick on the other hand works fine, in exactly same slots, settings etc.

- mem freq doesn't seem to play any role reducing the errors. Tried 160-210MHz

- tried max 2.7V VDDR. No Effect.


But both sticks run perfectly ok @ MSI Speedster-FA4 ! So what is going on in Abit? I've tried every memslot, different timings etc. to no avail. :sigh!: I could just run these on the MSI, but this seems odd and i'm afraid that this cold be a sign of something bad...

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