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Computer not even POSTing


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I recently purchased a model "VS512MB400" stick of RAM (Corsair 'ValueSelect' 512 Mb PC 3200 (DDR 400) 184-Pin DDR DIMM). I stuck it into my system along side my existing stick of 512 (same, PC 3200, DDR 400). I then closed the case, plugged everything back in, and hit the power button. All I get is a constant HDD activity light. No video feed to the monitor, no POSTing, no chirps - just power, fans, and HDD activity LED. Any ideas on how to resolve this?


Thanks in advance.


Gigabyte GA-K8NS

Althon 64 3000+

Geforce 6600 GT

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You are welcome to try anything you like, but with AMD 64 based systems the memory controller is in the CPU and all of the modules should be exactly matched. This is a limitation of the memory controller and you may get lucky mixing memory but there is no way to give you any type of guarantee.
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