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Best 1 GB Modules?


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I want to build a new system. I want to have a very high system performance.

I want to make the following system:

Opteron 148; 2000 MHz

DFI Lanparty, NF4 Chipsatz

X1800 XL Grafik card

I allready have 2 Gb OCZ ram that works until 215 MHz.

I'm considering to sell that ram and buy corsair TWINX2048-4000PT (500 MHz)

Will that ram run at at least 250 MHz with the above system or even higer?

If possible I don't want to clock the processor asynchronus if even possible.

My goal is to reach 2600 Mhz or more.

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Yes, I understand this.

As far as I understand it I can push the Athlon 64 on the 939 Sockel to its limits with every ram by just using Ram dividers and thus lowering the ram speed. (asynchronus operation)

I Just want to know what kind of performance improvement I can expect when I operate the processor/ram in syncronus mode with a high memory clock?

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Even if you get your CPU to run a 250 FSB (BIOS) and the RAM runs at 500MHz,

I don't really think you'll see a huge noticable difference.

Benchmarking may prove otherwise, but I don't think the difference will jump

out and hit you in the face.

Normal computer usage is usually unaffected by any overclock.

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