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GA-K8NSNXP-939 + 2x TwinX 3200C2 Pro


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Hey Folks,


I'm just another victim of this darn MoBo from Gigabyte - about a year ago I already posted due to a problem with the timings and it worked out all right. Not as far as I wished but the board didn't crash any more...


So I decided to go for another Set of Corsair Sticks in my board and it went well, but with the new Bios F12 there came my big question:

The whole Timings-Menu has been redesigned by Gigabyte and there's a new option: DDR-Speed. By default it is set to 333MHz, but the board and the RAM should support 400MHz, am I right?

If I set it up to 400MHz the RAM is ~25% faster (tested with Everest) but the board is freaking unstable. BSOD, CTD etc.


If possible I'd like to get the values corresponding to the 400MHz-setting.

The following settings are actually set:


HT Frequency Ratio		5x
CPU Clock			200
K8 CPU Clock Ratio		Auto
Current DDR Speed		333
DDR Clock / Timing Mode		Auto
CPU / DDR Clock Ratio		2 / 1.66
DDR Speed			333
DDR Timing			Auto
CAS# latency(Tcl)		3
Min RAS# active time TRAS	7t
RAS# to CAS# delay TRCD		3t
Row precharge time TRP		3t
Row to Row delay TRRD		2t
Row cycle time TRC		10t
Row refresh cycle time TRFC	12t
Read-to-Write time TRWT		4t
Write Recovery Time TWR		3 bus clocks
Write-to-Read delay TWTR	1 bus clock
Refresh Rate TREF		166 MHz, 7µs
Read Preamble value		6ns
Async Latency value		7ns

AGP Clock			66
CPU Voltage Control		Normal
Normal CPU Vcore		1.5000V
AGP Voltge Control		Normal
DDR Voltage Control		+0.2V


To sum it up:


4x 512MB 3200C2Pro

WinXP Pro

500Watts PSU


Thanx in advance,



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