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Bad Corsair Voyager 1GB


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Hey Ho,


Unfortunately my 1 year old Corsair Voyager 1GB stopped working.


The last thing I did was copying data to this stick. After removing and plugging the stick into another computer the stick behaves strangely:


1) Windows XP plays that "ding dong"-sound twice, telling me, that something was pugged in.

2) When I look into the Windows-Explorer the Stick is not listed in the drives list.

3) Looking into Settings->Control Panel->Adminitrative Tools->Computer Management at Storage->Disk-Management the USB-Stick does not appear in the list (so I am not able to change the drive-letter)

4) If I do a right-mouse-click on my main drive C:, choose Properties->Hardware I find what was formerly my USB-Stick listed as XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX USB DEVICE (where X is a strange non-ascii character)


As I'am not able to access the drive, nor to format it, I think it is broken.

What should I do????


Thanks and Regards,

Christian Wulff

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