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Where to place 2x1GB-- 4 slots available


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Hey guys,


I'm new to system building and have a basic question that I'd very much appreciate a little advice with.


I've just installed 2GB of Corsair (2x1GB sticks) in a DFI NF3 Ultra D motherboard that has four available DDR slots.


Now, my Q is-- where do I put these sticks?!


When I placed both in "Channel A" slots, 2GB ram was recognised on boot and I got a message saying something along the lines of...


Memory 0 - 1GB dual channel (128bit)


I also tried placing the member in slots 1 and 3 (one in channel A, one in channel B)- this time, when the system booted, I got a single beep but the full 2GB was stil recognised.


However, this time, I got this message instead...


Memory 0 - 1GB single channel (64bit)


Should I have kept the DDRs in the same channel? Will it make any difference to system performance?


Also-- I hope this isn't too dumb... but could you please point me to a place where I can learn how to overclock these beasts?


Thank you... VERY much appreciated!


Regards, -Lee

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