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Av8 3rd eye + corsair cmx512-3200c2pro wont boot


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i bought a av8 today and it wont boot, it gives me an error code 04 and a continiuse beep, i found out that its a ram issue so i tryed my old corsair ram and it worked. Now my question is my ram broken or is it imcompatible with the av8???


edit: i tested each of the cmx512-3200c2pro in a MSI K7N2L and it wont boot either


My System specs:


Abit AV8 3rd-Eye

3700+ San Diego

Antec Truepower 550 psu

2x 512mb cmx512-3200c2pro

Gainwaird Geforce 6800 ultra

Audigy 2 Platinum


greetz uni

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Please try the modules one at a time and I would remove all of your PCI cards and lets make sure one is not fialing. If you get the same results with both modules one at a time that would suggest some other problem, and I would test the memory in another system if you can.
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