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Corsair VS2GBKIT667D2 & ASUS P5AD2-E Premium ?


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For my new to build system, i'm worried (umm...certain?) that the Corsair VS2GBKIT667D2 i recently bought will not work on ASUS P5AD2-E Premium. ASUS manual says P5AD2 does not support 'modules made up of 128 Mb chips or doublesidedx16 modules'.

According to my shop, the Corsair VS2GBKIT667D2 i bought is 128 x 64. :(:


I misinterpreted the corsair memory configurator ("A Complete List of Modules Compatible with your Product") and the

VS1GBKIT667D2 is in the list. But that is the 2 x 512 version, and i have bought the 2 x 1GB :(:


Please can i have confirmation from Corsair side that my bought modules are indeed NOT compatible with this mobo? Or is there a way around via the BIOS?

I already mailed the shop in hopes for a retournation.:(:

In the mean time please provide me a link where is exactly explained the how and why about 128mb chips?


I have seen on the shoplist the TWIN2X2048-6400, which makes no mention of what kind of chips are on it, but it is mentioned in the corsair memory configurator list. Yeah, yeah i should have bought it but i haven't.:[pouts:


Please help me out of this worry! :sigh!:

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Thank you for your reply RamGuy. You are the expert.


But if it were so, that ASUS 'just copied', where could i find information to explain to me why 128x64 could be an issue on certain motherboards? Why would 64x64 work, but 128x64 possibly not?

I hope you could give a clue on this.


You see i cannot check yet IF it works because i don't have all parts complete before assembling.


Oh, and btw: it IS the ASUS P5AD2-E Premium manual, March 2005.

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Thanks. I take that as final answer and follow your advice.:cool:


Last question: IF the shop refuses (for whatever reason) to take the other modules back, and i keep them, could you advise me (or point me to a link) which recent motherboard (any brand, preferrably ASUS) is known to accept the VS modules i'm having right now? There must be several?!

If there is a link to be found on the Corsair forum or the entire website which advises the other way around (instead of "which modules are compatible with your motherboard": advising "which motherboards are compatible with your modules") i have missed it. :(:



Then i maybe could use these modules for a later pc to build in the coming year.

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If you have the modules already they should run in that MB, I am only quoting whats on their site. And I have tested these modules with this MB and had no problem. Just try it and if you have a problem, please let us know.
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... And I have tested these modules with this MB and had no problem.

That is good news. :biggrin:

Certainly i will keep you posted.


Sorry if it takes a little time though, because i still need a SATA and a graph card (saving for a 7800gtx).


You have made me feel a LOT more comfortable, but the worry is not 100% completely gone till i see it happen with my own eyes!

The sooner the better i have all parts together... :sigh!:

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I have been browsing a bit to get a better picture, and what's funny: i just read in the manual for another ASUS mobo, the P5ND2-SLI Deluxe the same phrase "this motherboard does not support modules made up of 128 Mb chips or doublesidedx16 modules", then clicked on "See what memory Corsair recommends", for this one...to find there in the list a VS2GBKIT533D2 (PC2-4200) -which is a 2GB kit (2 x 1GB), also made up of 128Mx64. :laughing:


Hmm...confusing. I think ASUS should skip that line from the manual.


My confidence that my modules will work on my P5AD2-E Premium is growing more and more.:biggrin:


I can't wait to test and let you know.

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I suddenly realised i might as well use old pci-card and ide-hdd i had lying to start building and testing (instead of wait till i have a sata and pci-e card), XP installed, and the result is completely healthy so far. NO bios tweaking to get more out of it yet, just evrything standard. Full 2GB detected and working. Sandra detects 4 banks of 512, 4-4-4-12 and estimates 8576MB/sec bandwidth, well i'd say all looking healthy so far.:biggrin:


Bottomline: Corsair VS2GBKIT667D2 is absolutely compatible with ASUS P5AD2-E Premium!


Just wanted to let everybody know.:laughing:

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