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Bad VS512MB400C3


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I had been getting sporadic blue screens and Windows crashes. I tried re-installing windows, and would get errors in various places. I tried installing from 3 different CDs, got errors.


Pulled out one of my VS512MB400C3 modules. Restarted and everything i installed worked fine. All problems i'd been seeing went away.


I then downloaded memtest. I first ran it on the single module in the system and ran with no errors.


I then swapped back in the module i'd removed and re-ran the memtest. Red screens and errors galore.


So, it appears to me that i got a bad module. I am posting this to see if there is anything else i should do and to see if i may return the module for a replacement.


It's a Corsair ValueSelect 512mb memory module. Part # VS512MB400C3

Lot number: 046055-0


Please advise.


Thank you.

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